Rehearsal start for "The Virus"

Our upcoming productionThe Virushas now started rehearsals in Oslo.
Our three great male performers, Mikkel Are Olsenlund, Ivar Sverrisson and Dag Rune Sjøli, has been joined by a hurricane from Portugal, wonderful Vânia Doutel Vaz. This will be fun!

The Virusis, after several years of exploring different formats and genres, a sought-after return to the essence of Jo Strømgren Kompani, to a mix of theatre and dance and nonsensical language. Humanistic, absurdist, and true to a storytelling tradition with unexpected twists around each corner.

We have put together a team of four talented and diverse performers for this production:
Vânia Doutel Vazis a Portuguese dancing star who Jo Strømgren met at Cedar Lake in New York. We are thrilled that she has joined Jo Strømgren Kompani for this production.
Mikkel Are Olsenlundhas been with our company since 2009, and has performed both in一个舞蹈的艺术Football,A Dance Tribute to Ping Pongand in our revival ofThere.
Ivar Örn Sverrissonis an experienced Icelandic actor with several projects in national theatres both on Iceland and in Norway. He was also part of the revival ofThere, as well as performing inThe Borderand our children’s productionThe Kitchen.
Dag Rune Sjøliehas previously worked with Jo Strømgren at Oslo Dance Ensemble, and is a brand new and energetic addition to our company.

The first two weeks has passed, and the atmosphere in the rehearsal studio at The Norwegian Opera & Ballet is intense and concentrated, but also filled with fun and laughter.
And in October we will be ready to showThe Virusto the world!